I work with women and help them regain confidence and strength
using techniques that help neutralize strong emotions
around past and future events.

In other words, if thinking about a past or future situation makes you feel angry, stressed, anxious, sad, or worried, I can help.

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Homeopathic bottle, flowersHow do we do this?  It’s simple.  I use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EMT), as well as other tools, to assist you to discharge emotions trapped in the nervous system and body.  I also teach you how to do the basic technique on yourself, so you can be empowered to work through emotional situations when they arise.  The best part?  I work via videoconference, so you can heal in the comfort of the space that you choose.

If you are ready for an appointment, or are interested in scheduling a free Health & Healing Strategy Session, please leave a voice message at +1.651.401.6131 or email me from my contact page.

Please note: My massage, CranioSacral, and Visceral appointments are currently unavailable at all locations.  I am operating via web only through June 2019.